Introduction to the IMET: Mathematics Professional Development

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Math specific module designed to give a high-level overview of the IMET to various stakeholders. Module includes presentation, handouts and facilitator guide.

There are many steps involved with conducting a materials evaluation review.  Available professional development modules support building knowledge of the Instructional Materials Evaluation Tool (IMET), planning a review, preparing a review team, and in-depth professional development for the review team using the IMET.

  • Introduction to the IMET:  Give a high-level overview of the IMET to various stakeholders with ELA/Literacy and math specific modules
  • Setting up the Review Process: Support leaders in designing and implementing a review process
  • Preparing a Review Team: Establish the mindset and expectations for review teams 
  • Understanding the IMET: Introduction to the Criteria and Metrics of the IMET: Provide in-depth professional development on the IMET with ELA/Literacy & math specific modules

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