Text-Based Disagreement During Discussion (Guidarelli)

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In this lesson, students are engaged in a shared inquiry about a piece of text, "A Game of Catch."  To begin the lesson, the teacher poses an open-ended question and requires students to write down their thinking and opinion about the question, using text evidence to support their opinion.  After the initial writing, students spend the majority of the lesson discussing key points from the text that support their opinions.  After the discussion ends, students have an opportunity to write again about their opinions.  In some cases, the powerful discussion and text evidence has changed students' minds. The teacher does a particularly excellent job of including everyone, scaffolding when necessary, and placing the cognitive lift on the students. 

Addresses ELA/Literacy Common Core State Standards: R.L.5.1, W.5.1, SL.5.1, SL.5.3

This video was annotated using this version of the Instructional Practice Guide (IPG). A current version of the IPG is available here.