• Standards Advocates Kentucky

    We are working on creating an extensive network of Standards Advocate-trained teachers from all regions of the state who encourage teacher-led, teacher-driven professional learning based on the unique needs of the students in those regions, ultimately affecting student growth in Kentucky.

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  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to empower educators with evidence-based skills, knowledge, and resources designed to encourage best practice in teaching and to build capacity among educators throughout the state.  

  • Our Work

    In ELA/literacy students have difficulty accessing grade-level text and in math, students don't see connections in mathematics they are learning.

    To address these standards related challenges, Kentucky Standards Advocates have created, evaluated, and aligned progression of complex texts across the K - 12 curriculum. They also plan to utilize math connections within and between grades to support student learning.

    Kentucky ELA/Literacy Campaign Focus:

    Kentucky’s ELA Team, led by Angie Gunter (GRECC Literacy Specialist), designed a campaign to support teachers from across the state by providing them with tools and resources to evaluate text complexity and knowledge acquisition, and working with them to develop, teach, revise, and evaluate text sets from various contents and grade levels. Ultimately, these teacher-created text sets will be vetted and published for other teachers to use and/or adapt as necessary.

    Text sets are a collection of resources focused on one topic that can be used with students with a range of interests and experiences. Text sets may include items such as literature, poetry, songs and multimedia resources. You can find the text sets created by Kentucky Standards Advocates here.

    Kentucky Math Campaign Focus:

    Kentucky’s Mathematics Team, formerly led by Michelle Ruckdeschel (Daviess County), designed a campaign centered upon coherence. The team has worked with outstanding teachers from across the Commonwealth in the basic understanding of coherence and how it applies to previous and subsequent grades, how to connect instruction to the standards progression from K-8, how to identify connections within and across grades when planning, and how to help students verbalize connections between the mathematics concepts they are learning and those previously learned. The newly engaged teachers were then asked to take their knowledge back to their schools and districts and share the work of coherence with other teachers, administrators and leaders.

  • Standards Advocate Spotlight

    What the CC ELA standards made me aware of and what my students remind me daily, is that raising the bar for students doesn’t equal frustration and disappointment. Rather, the standards allow students to see the wonder of rich language and discover the meaning of deep topics.

    Tiffany Gruen

    After leaving the Core Advocacy meeting in Louisville, KY, in December 2015, I was determined to bring coherence back to my district.   In order to ensure every math teacher in our district can utilize coherence in their instructional planning, my team has added a coherence section to all of our curriculum maps for math courses in grades 6-12.  Our goal is to support teachers with looking at the standards vertically, not just horizontally.  This rolls out to teachers throughout our summer PD as we prepare for 2016-17 school year.  Feel free to look at our new maps.

    Angela Harris

  • Who We Are

    Kentucky Standards Advocate Captain - Jana Bryant

    As your state captain, I seek to share shift-aligned resources/materials/tools, communicate and leverage social media, build relationships and recruit educators, develop leadership and empower educators to accomplish regional goals, and create relationships with stakeholders and partners.

    Jana Bryant, NBCT, is the K-12 Math Instructional Coach for Daviess County Public Schools in Owensboro, KY.  Networks:  KCTM, KEA NBCT Ky Ambassador, Ky Dept of Ed Math Academy, Ky Hope Street Group, EdReports and a KEA fellow.

    ELA/Literacy Content Lead - Angie Gunter

    Math Content Lead - Katie Gissing

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