• Events & Opportunities

  • Setting and Keeping Professional Learning Goals

    Research shows that effective professional learning includes two characteristics: it’s regular/ongoing and it’s focused on classroom content. This webinar will introduce the newly updated Instructional Practice Guide (versions available for ELA/literacy and math) as a tool for both professional goal setting, as well as structured coaching and self-reflection throughout the year. The webinar, which will be applicable to both instructional coaches and classroom teachers, will leave participants with an understanding of how to use the Instructional Practice Guide to set goals around their classroom practice and make progress on those goals throughout the year. They’ll also learn about two complementary tools--The Lesson Planning Tool and the Beyond the Lesson Discussion Guide.

  • Math Language Routines – The What, the Why, the How

    This mini-webinar will give a quick overview of the popular Mathematical Language Routines you’ve been hearing about. As in other subjects, math students must be able to read, write, listen, speak, and discuss the subject at hand. Often, these multimodal ways of learning and using math skills are given too little attention in curricular materials, and teachers may want to supplement with classroom activities that provide opportunities for students to use language to discuss the math content they’re learning. Webinar participants will get a quick look at some of the supplementary routines and how to integrate them into grade-level work. These routines benefit ALL students, but a particularly helpful for English Language Learners or those struggling with the linguistic components of math.