• WA Core Advocates

    Washington Core Advocates is a network of educators who are passionate about high-quality academic opportunities for all students across Washington. Our network believes that high academic standards are necessary to provide all students an opportunity to be college- and career-ready. 

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  • Our Work

    WA Core Advocates are committed to supporting higher academic achievement for all students. Currently, educators in the WA Core Advocate Network have recognized that some of the biggest opportunities for growth exist in focusing on: 

    • Making mathematical concepts more focused and coherent in order to meet the learning needs of all students 
    • Supporting students’ ability to access grade-level content knowledge and texts 

    Based on these goals, WA Core Advocates have designed and embarked on a campaign for ELA/literacy and math:

    Apply Focus and Coherence to lessons to meet the learning the needs of all students. 

    Support all students in accessing grade-level content knowledge and texts. 

  • Who We Are

    Washington Core Advocate Captain -  Angie Miller

    Angie is a National Board Certified Teacher who has been teaching elementary school for 19 years in Washington State. She became involved with the Common Core State Standards as a way to help all students reach high-level college- career-ready standards.  Angie has a certificate in Teacher Leadership from the University of Washington’s Instructional Leadership Program which has helped her see that professionals can advocate for strong students, schools, and communities. She currently teaches first grade in Anacortes, WA, but you'll often find her leading teacher learning, talking and exploring many aspects of the teaching profession. @mrsmillergrade1 

    Math Content Lead: Melanie Ready

    ELA/Literacy Content Lead: Casey Monahan

    WA Core Advocates Leadership Team: Kelly Guilfoil, Dan Alderson, Joan Fleming

  • Stay Informed

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