Rechenka's Eggs with Companion Text Set

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Babushka saved an injured goose and brought it back to good health. When the goose was well, it accidentally bumped into Babushka’s basket of decorated eggs that were meant for the Easter festival contest and broke them all. Babushka was devastated but when she awoke from a night’s sleep she found the “miracle” of a basket of beautiful colored eggs to take to the festival. As she left to go to the festival with the basket, she put the healed goose on the front step so the goose could fly and join other geese. With joy over winning a first prize quilt at the festival, she returned home and went to bed not realizing there was a new egg in Rechenka’s basket. Babushka awoke to the sound of a hatching egg in the basket. Another “miracle” for Babushka. The goose remained with Babushka always.

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