Summer Reading Club 2019

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It’s time for our annual Summer Reading Challenge! If you’re looking for a quick way to add new resources and ideas to your teacher toolbox, this reading list is for you!

Connect with Other Readers

Take your summer learning a step further by joining the discussion on Twitter. Use #CoreAdvocates and #SummerReading to share your favorite line from each article you read. Check the hashtag throughout the summer to see others’ favorites and discuss what you’re reading. This is a great way to add new colleagues to your virtual teacher network!

  1. Most Misunderstood Math Standards Series (choose any article or read the whole series!)
  2. Designing Useful Writing Prompts
  3. Three Simple Steps to Empowered Word-Learning
  4. Fraction Lab Series (choose any article or read the whole series on hands-on professional learning)
  5. Student Closing Statements
  6. Taking the First Step in Designing Mathematics Intervention
  7. The Daily Write
  8. The Connection Between Math Materials and Assessment
  9. Compelling Digital Lessons for English Learners
  10. Addressing Common Challenges with Student Writing
  11. I’m Passionate About Curriculum Because I’m Passionate About Pedagogy
  12. Press Play: Using Podcasts and Documentaries to Supercharge Background Knowledge and Bolster Reading Comprehension