Clara and the Curandera

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In this picture book, a little girl named Clara learns a lesson about the value of focusing on others rather than one’s self. After noticing that Clara is grumpy, her mother sends her to the “curandera” (or healer) to get advice. The curandera tells her to do chores for her neighbors, share with her brothers and sisters, and read more books. Clara reluctantly obeys and discovers that she enjoys helping and serving her family and neighbors, and she does not even have time to be grumpy. She enjoys being part of her community. When the week is over, the curandera tells her she can stop doing these things, but when Clara goes back to her old ways, she becomes grumpy again. In the end, Clara decides to go back to doing the nice things for her friends and family and learns that when you help others, it can bring you happiness.

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