Coffee and Conversations: Bringing Student Voices to the Anti-Racist Teaching Conversation

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For this session, we welcomed  Ana De Almeida Amaral and Ariana Kretz  for a discussion on Bringing Student Voices to the Anti-Racist Teaching Conversation.Ana co-founded and taught her school’s first Ethnic Studies course which continues to be a successful student-led program. Since then, Ana has dedicated herself to training educators on anti-racist teaching practices and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy. Ariana has been involved in the Diversify Our Narrative Campaign since July of 2020 as the Co-Chair of the Curriculum and Allyship Council. Since being on the Council, she has had the pleasure to work alongside a fantastic team to provide more resources for teachers to support them in their anti-racist teaching.  Our presenters lead us through a discussion on the Diversify Our Narrative movement by sharing personal experiences and stories of students who are leading the movement across the nation.

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