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This story is an important migration narrative. The book highlights some of the reasons why people choose to migrate and do so with children. Before Alfredo and his Papa leave, her mother tells him: “You must think of yourself as a small bird that does not need too much to drink or eat to continue flying.” Alfredo’s mother clearly understood the perils of entering the United States.  But she also understood the unbearable situation that their family was facing in La Ceja. The book provides extensive details about the route that Alfredo and her Papa take to go to the United States, the persons they meet, and the challenges they face.

Los recuerdos de la inmigración son relevantes. Contar estas historias tiene ahora más importancia que nunca: incluso, y hay quien dice que especialmente, a los niños. Esta historia es sencilla y a la vez hermoso…describe por lo que tantas personas pasan en su búsqueda de una vida mejor en Estados Unidos.

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