How to Support Students’ Unfinished Learning in Math

Author: Chrissy Allison

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Build your understanding of how to support students with unfinished learning in math. Gain insight about key actions you can take to accelerate unfinished learning at the year-long, unit, and lesson levels. Identify concrete actions and leverage existing resources to increase access to grade-level content while strengthening critical prerequisite skills and conceptual understanding.

Module 1: Making Space to Address Unfinished Learning in Math

  • Connect the instructional shift of focus to planning and pacing across the entire school year.
  • Understand a key belief that’s necessary to “make space” to address unfinished learning.
  • Identify who is responsible for adjusting the scope and sequence at your school or district.
  • Consider how you will communicate information and invest key stakeholders. 

Module 2: How To Balance Grade-Level Content & Prerequisite Skills

  • Understand why it’s necessary to start the school year teaching grade-level content.
  • Distinguish prerequisites that prevent access to grade-level content from those that do not.
  • Empower teachers to make decisions about planning and pacing at the unit level.
  • Consider how you will communicate information and invest key stakeholders. 

Module 3: Shifting the Cognitive Lift to Students (even if they have unfinished learning)

  • Understand the role math identity plays in supporting students’ with unfinished learning.
  • Introduce differentiation strategies that can be used to meet students where they are while engaging in grade-level content.
  • Consider how you will provide professional development and coaching to help teachers adopt equitable teaching practices.