• Text Analysis Toolkit

    This toolkit aims to support educators in the process of selecting and analyzing texts based on complexity and cultural relevance. The resources focus on tools for reflecting on the identities of educators and the students they serve, analyzing texts with multiple lenses, and considering implications for use in their specific context. The resources here may support your process of text selection, or they may be embedded into your lesson preparation process for pre-selected texts (with or without instructional materials). You’ll look at each text as it stands alone, but should also think about how the text fits into the unit you are teaching and how this text may impact instructional decisions across the year. 

    Student Achievement Partners continues to get feedback from educators and iterate on these resources. Find an earlier version of the toolkit released summer 2021 here

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  • Text Analysis Toolkit

    Know Yourself, Know Your Students   

    PDF | Word

    A stand-alone reflection resource meant to support educators in thinking about their own identities and those of their students. Use at strategic points over time, for example the beginning of the school year and after each semester, to continually reflect. 

    Initial Considerations for Complexity & Cultural Relevance 

    PDF | Word

    A resource to use after a first read of a text, to determine whether it’s usable for the classroom, and to begin thinking about complexity and relevance. This includes determining whether a text should not be used, or whether the teacher will need to be thinking carefully about attending to cautions in the text when using with students.

    Expanded Qualitative Analysis

    + Literary   PDF | Word
    + Informational    PDF | Word

    A tool to analyze features of complexity and cultural relevance more deeply in order to prepare for instruction. The rubric portion of the tool comes from the qualitative complexity rubrics that were published alongside the college- and career-ready standards, and the wording has not been changed. The additions around challenges, opportunities, and questions to ask yourself are all new for this resource. There is one version for literary texts and another for informational texts.