Coffee & Conversations: Children Aren't Numbers: Rehumanizing K-5 Instruction

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In this Coffee and Conversation, our guests Michelle Sperling and Sara Manseau talks about how their instructional practices have evolved over the past couple of years to truly leverage students' assets and lived experiences to create joyful learning spaces where all students are able to thrive. They share specific changes that they have made to disrupt the status quo and how these changes have benefited students and their families in a district with a large population of multilingual learners.

Michelle Sperling |Teacher/Newport Mesa School District/ California

Michelle Sperling has been teaching for the last 14 years in Southern California. She started her career as a kindergarten teacher and has experience teaching reading intervention. She is currently teaching first grade in Costa Mesa, CA. Michelle has a passion for teaching and the last four years she has been a part of the math fellows group in Newport Mesa School District. Michelle devotes her time to create and maintain an environment where students thrive in all learning areas.

Sara Manseau Teacher/Newport Mesa School District/California

Sara Manseau has been teaching for the last ten years in Orange County. Before she started teaching kindergarten, she had experience with teaching reading intervention, second grade, and third grade. Sara has been a part of the math fellows group in Newport Mesa School District for the last three years. She creates a supportive and positive classroom environment where students feel challenged and engaged throughout quality instruction.

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