Russia's Invasion of Ukraine Text Set

Author: Carey Swanson

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This grades 3-5 culturally relevant text set is about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. While designed for grades 3-5, you may choose to adapt it for different grade levels. Please consider leaving feedback on this resource using the “Send Feedback” button at the bottom of the page.  

Note: This resource was developed in Spring 2022 and was designed as an example text set around current events at that time. Resources provided here may no longer be accurate. You might modify the included resources or use this sample as inspiration to create your own current events text set about a different relevant topic. 

Details about this culturally relevant text set: 

  • Grade Level Recommendation: 3-5
  • Key Focus Areas for Design: Perspectives, Current Events
  • Topic:  This text set is about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (resources dated February 2022-April 2022)
  • Context/rationale/reflections: This text set is meant for students to understand the current conflict and related historical context. Considerations include: how to display content for elementary students, without sharing overt trauma; the importance of humanizing the conflict, avoiding a “good guy/ bad guy” narrative, while still appropriately depicting this as an act of aggression (i.e. using the word “invasion” rather than conflict; showing Russian citizens protesting the war.

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