Carey Swanson



What I Work On: I'm a Designer at Student Achievement Partners with a focus on literacy. Projects I support center around the work of learning to read, as well as immersive literacy experiences with texts and topics that reflect and affirm students' identities and expand their knowledge of the world around them.

Why I Work Here: I've worked in education all my career, as a teacher, a school leader, and a literacy specialist. I'm passionate about fulfilling the promise of learning that public education offers, and aware of the ways in which current conditions fall short of this promise for many students. I love children and teachers, reading and research, and collaborative design centered around students! I believe this kind of work can advance equitable instruction move us closer to fulfilling this promise. 

More About Me: I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan with my artist husband, two energetic, active and often entertaining children, and our dog, Darla. 

A Quote That Inspires Me: "...think of those flowers you plant/ in the garden each year/ they will teach you/ that people too/ must wilt/ fall/ root/ rise/ in order to bloom."  ― Rupi Kaur