Disrupting Apollo 11 Text Set

Author: Tori Filler

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This grade 1 culturally relevant text set focuses on disrupting the dominant Apollo 11 narrative.  While designed for grade 1, you may choose to adapt it for different grade levels. Please consider leaving feedback on this resource using the “Send Feedback” button at the bottom of the page.  

Details about this culturally relevant text set: 

  • Grade Level Recommendation: 1
  • Key Focus Areas for Design: Identity, Counternarratives, Current Events
  • Topic: This text set is about the Black, female scientists and mathematicians who contributed to the Apollo 11 moon landing. It also connects to space research and travel today, including the many different people who work in this field.  
  • Curriculum Connection:  This text set can be done as is, but is also suggested as a companion resource for Core Knowledge Language Arts - Grade 1, Domain 6 - Astronomy. See additional curriculum-specific reflections below. 
  • Context/rationale/reflections: In this unit students build their knowledge of astronomy, including the history of the study of space and the Apollo 11 moon landing. Learning about this event often focuses on the white, male astronauts and space staff, ignoring the contributions of many other people.

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