Webinar: Upgrading the IPG

Author: Student Achievement Partners

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Do you use the IPG? Learn more about the NEW Equitable x Essential (e2) Learning Walk Tool and how it expands on the IPG.

In this 60-minute webinar, SAP content experts will dive into the connection between SAP’s newly released e2 (Essential x Equitable) Learning Walk Tool™ and our Instructional Practice Guide (IPG). This webinar will focus on the relationship between the two tools, exploring how the e2 Learning Walk Tool™ expands the IPG's focus of what it means for instruction to be high-quality.

This webinar is helpful if you are a current or former user of the IPG in your system or are simply curious about using the e2 Learning Walk Tool™.

Watch the  webinar here.

You can access the e2 Learning Walk Tool™ by clicking here.