Expanding Perspectives in K-5 Core Knowledge Language Arts

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Student Achievement Partners' new CKLA Adaptation Packs focus on creating a more inclusive and affirming experience for students. 

Most instructional materials do not have an inclusive, diverse range of texts and topics - leaving students with limited exploration of multiple perspectives, cultures, and experiences. Our students deserve better. 

Are you a K-5 Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) user looking to increase representation and opportunities for students’ critical thinking, discussion, and reflection? Join us to explore SAP’s new CKLA Adaptation Packs. Each grade level’s pack focuses on one unit, analyzing CKLA content and providing a specially curated text set and image set to address gaps in representation. Use these ready-to-use resources in your own classroom or as a model and professional learning resource in your role supporting teachers. 

In this 60-minute webinar you will:

Engage with ready-to-implement unit adaptation packs at a grade-level of your choice (K-5)

Identify practical strategies to:

  • build your own critical lenses, 
  • thoughtfully analyze CKLA curriculum content, 
  • expand perspectives through text and image sets, and 
  • foster students’ critical thinking about themselves and the world 

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Which units are the focus of these Adaptation Packs?
    Kindergarten: Unit 6: Kings & Queens; Grade 1: Unit 10: A New Nation: American Independence; Grade 2: Unit 9: U.S. Civil War; Grade 3: Unit 9: Early Explorations of North America; Grade 4: Unit 6: American Revolution; Grade 5: Unit 8: Native Americans

    What version of CKLA are these Adaptation Packs designed for?
    The unit analysis focuses on the Core Knowledge Foundation open source version. The Amplify version of CKLA includes units on the same topics as those included in the CKLA Adaptation Packs, though not all text and unit analyses may be directly applicable.

    I don’t use CKLA. Will this webinar be relevant to me?
    These adaptation packs are specific to CKLA in that they directly analyze and respond to CKLA content. That said, they could be helpful for non-CKLA users as 1) a model of how adaptations to increase representation could be made 2) As a resource for teachers studying the same topics.

    Will other CKLA units be analyzed for additional Adaptation Packs?
    Currently, we do not have plans to expand this resource with additional units. These adaptation packs serve as a model of how teachers and those who support teachers can apply analysis and introduce supplemental resources to enhance instructional content inclusion and diversity.