Introduction to the Math Shifts

Author: Student Achievement Partners

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Overview: The Introduction to the Math Shifts Module is a 1–4 hour module that provides you with an introduction to the key shifts required by the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM).  The PowerPoint presentation provides you with a comprehensive overview of the three key shifts required by the CCSSM. The videos from the presentation are of lead writers of the Standards discussing the key shifts of focus, coherence, and rigor. There are embedded activities that will strengthen your understanding of the shifts. Allow for time after each activity for reflection.

How to Get Started: You are encouraged to customize any or all portions of this module to meet your needs, or the needs of your audience if you are facilitating this module for professional development.  After completing this module, you are encouraged to engage with the key shifts required by the CCSSM through the  iTunes U Courses, created by teachers for teachers. 

All times are suggested and can be expanded to incorporate more discussion as needed. Any portions of this module may be modified, reproduced, and disseminated without prior permission.

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