Instructional Leadership and the Common Core

Author: Student Achievement Partners

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Overview: The Instructional Leadership and the Common Core State Standards Module is a 1.5 hour module designed to guide you, the school-level instructional leader, in beginning the work of understanding and implementing the Common Core. Resources available in this module may also support content supervisors, central office leaders, and coaches in the work of planning and carrying out the implementation of the Common Core State Standards. The module addresses five areas of consideration:

  • Knowledge of the shifts,
  • Setting a vision for college- and career-readiness,
  • Developing clear metrics to guide the work,
  • Building capacity in the school, and
  • Staying engaged in the work.

This module has been designed specifically for leadership teams at the school and district level. It could potentially also be used by school leaders to support their reflective practice in leading their community of educators through Common Core implementation. This module can also be used to lead a series of discussions that can extend into leadership meetings with teams focused on the work of implementing the Common Core State Standards.

How to Get Started: You are encouraged to customize any or all portions of this module to meet your needs, or the needs and structures of your setting. 

All times are suggested and can be expanded to incorporate more discussion as needed. Any portions of this module may be modified, reproduced, and disseminated without prior permission.