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Instructional Materials Landscape Analysis

Contributors: English Learner Success Forum,  Instruction Partners, Dionne Aminata, Estefania Lujan, Jessica Ramos, Kendra Miller, Nicole Hamilton, Regina Biggers, and Roxana Enriquez

District Cohort Partners: Bettendorf Community School District, Evanston-Skokie District 65, Girls Athletic Leadership School LA, Lancaster School District, Milwaukee Public Schools, and the Philadelphia Public Schools.

Pilot Partners: South San Francisco Unified School District

What is a Landscape Analysis?

A Landscape Analysis is a process a district team engages in to better understand the conditions around the adoption and/or implementation of instructional materials. A landscape analysis helps district leaders highlight areas of success, understand challenges, and make decisions, informed by a human-centered data collection process, to support teaching and learning from instructional materials that center Black students and multilingual learners. 

Hear about the Landscape Analysis Process

Hear from the team in South San Francisco about how this process has impacted their work. 

Coming Soon!

Throughout our work piloting and testing the Landscape Analysis process, we have heard three key pieces of feedback from our partners. First, a need for tools to support district leaders while they engage in this process. Second, this process can be conducted both prior to adopting new materials, but also after new materials have been implemented, as a tool to take stock of how the implementation work is going. Finally, we’ve heard that the ideal conditions for successful adoption do not account for joyful learning, an essential component of providing equitable and empowering learning experiences for Black students and multilingual learners. Our team is excited to announce that we are developing additional tools and resources to support the integration of these ideas into the Landscape Analysis process! Keep an eye on this page for revisions to the process in order to incorporate this feedback! 

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About the Author: Katie Keown is fascinated by the way in which instructional materials and assessments can support educators in the hard and beautiful work of teaching. As a designer, she spends much of her time working with educators and colleagues to better understand how materials and assessments can center Black students and English learners to be more supportive of teaching and learning.