Part 2 of Student Poetry Project

Student Poems

The following poems are part of the “Where I’m From” poetry project held at Greene Hills School in 2021. You can read more about the project here.

My flock (By Sam)

My life has been like a bird flying for the first time

Where I’ve flipped my wings but could not fly

Where my family is always there

Where we protect each other with pride

We learn from each other

We care for each other

We live together in one small nest

We have flown together we have fallen together 

But we have also stayed together

I’m from a flock of misfits who can never ditch the other even if it means you get hurt doing so.

But in the end we all fly together no matter what.

This is my flock

Unnamed (By Cody)

I’m from dads huge green truck

I’m from the iron taste in the tap water

I’m from ceiling made from insulation

I’m from walls dotted with primer

I’m from crocs as the primary source of transportation

I’m from fat and round tvs 

I’m from what I called home


I got used to a sterile house

I got used to the only noise being multiple ticking clocks

I got used to my room being just the place i sleep

I got used never leaving my street

I got used to “no silly tv shows”

I got used to getting rid of my toys because it didn’t look right in the house decoration

I got used to all the pillows having writing and all the blankets stiff and stylish

I got used to going back home when they went on vacation

I got used to a new man making new rules

And I had no say in any of it

Unnamed (By Natashali)

Im from hartford 

Where you see a crackhead on every corner 

I am from the south end 

Where it smells like drugs 

I am from the bad part

Where you see gang member everywhere 

I am from ct 

Where it sucks 

Im from my grandpas house 

Where it you see the crackheads at the corner stores

Im from a bad place 

Where its “ bad “ to be outside

Unnamed (By Kallieann)

I am from a home, full of individual creatures, that holds even more pets than people.

From the home where my beautiful girl used to lay, curling up at our feet, licking our messy

faces clean, lying there with us because she knows how we hurt.

I am from a kitchen full of warm, delicious smells, beautifully cooked goods, and little, begging eyes waiting for a piece to drop.

From an oven full of cakes, cookies, and pastries, and a freezer filled with ice cream, popsicles, and frozen chocolate.

I am from a mind that deceives me, proving just how insignificant and useless I am.

From a world, filled with meltdowns, panic attacks, heartbreak, doubt, and constantly trying to conceal my true, weak self, when I am far past the breaking point.

I am from a mess of due dates, failing grades, tests, and stress beyond anyone can handle.

From too much work, too little time, and not enough of a brain or focus to do anything with impact.

I am from a month that I hate, a mom that I love and adore, and a father that I do not understand.

From an extended family that I trust and can lean on.

I am from a world full of wonders, both Science Fiction and Fantasy alike.

From imaginative stories that my brain pulls out of nothing.

Unnamed (By Jazmere)

I am from a place where you feel you have no say

Where your shut down before you even speak

You try to take a step ahead and you forced back 3

You want to say something

But the words never come out

You want to speak what’s on your mind

But you know it will only make it worse 

One day you will find the courage to speak

One day you won’t be scared

One day it will get better

You will be happy

And you no longer will have to feel as if you have no say

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