Tina Starks



What I Work On: In my role as a Designer for Student Achievement Partners, I work in community with inspiring colleagues and educators to collectively design resources, tools, and spaces of learning aimed at humanizing education for transformational impact. My lived and professional experiences bring intentionality to emphasize the belonging and affirming of Black students and English learners in our schools.

Why I Work Here: I believe students can reveal, share, and align to their authentic selves through the learning process. High quality instructional materials and inclusive practices contribute to every student’s journey of becoming. I work at SAP because the acceptance of the fullness of my identities, experiences, and creativity provides a pathway to unapologetically serve for just and equitable education for all students. The clarity of purpose exists in the work at SAP.

My Education and Experience: 

Expertise: educator and coach in elementary education; design and development of culturally relevant and equitable instructional tools and resources; present and facilitate professional development; model and engage in reflective and collaborative practices;

Education Accomplishments: Multi-subject CLAD; BA in Japanese; Senior Policy Fellow with Teach Plus CA

Lived Experiences: youth mentorship; advocate for Black student and their families; writer; bring a perspective of a biracial Black and Japanese educator and former student of our schools

More About Me: I live in southern California where beaches, mountains, and sunshine are never far away. I enjoy reading to satisfy my curiosities, engaging in deep conversations for connection, meditating daily to stay centered, and creating in whatever form it takes.

A Quote That Inspires Me: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

Notable Contributions on Achieve the Core: