Dr. Quintin Bostic


Named one of Georgia State’s 40 Under 40, a National Literacy Leader, and National Emerging Professional Development Leader, Dr. Quintin Bostic is an award-winning educator, keynote speaker, and researcher. With a background in language and literacy development and critical research, Dr. Bostic’s career expands over several industries, including early childhood and elementary education, publishing in children’s literature, and pediatrics. Quintin’s love, passion, and research for equitable literacy practices have afforded him the opportunity to partner with a wide range of organizations. Dr. Bostic is the Co-Founder of Elevated Ed, Content Manager for Teaching Lab, and Educational Consultant for Student Achievement Partners. In addition, he also serves as the Antiracism Co-Chair for the National Association for Professional Development Schools. Dr. Bostic is passionate about ensuring that all children, families, teachers, schools, and communities have the knowledge, skills, and courage needed to thrive.