Using Achieve the Core Tools to Tackle Common ELA Issues (2018 January Webinar)

Author: Student Achievement Partners

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How can you use Achieve the Core resources to address common challenges in the classroom? This ’Tour de Core’, designed for those who are less familiar with Achieve the Core, will introduce participants to resources that address the following topics: 1) Complex text: How to determine appropriate text complexity and scaffold complex text for struggling readers, 2) How to design strong, text-dependent questions, 3) How to integrate the ELA standards into your PLC, 4) How to work with imperfect ELA materials, 5) Building knowledge through reading. For each topic, we will share which resources you can try anytime in your classroom, which help build knowledge, and which are best for sharing with groups.

This learning experience will be most powerful if used as part of a comprehensive, ongoing program of content-specific professional learning. To learn more, see the Professional Learning Principles.