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    In June 2020, our organization took a hard look at itself and paused to absorb our true impact: we have not done enough as individuals, as an organization, and through our work to deliver on our vision for equity for all students. This reflection provided a catalyst for us to critically examine the possibilities of the work we do and to seek opportunities that best support teachers and students who are profoundly affected by the inequities in our educational system.

    It is with these reflections in mind that we commit daily to ensuring that we are centering the voices, experiences, and work of people of color in every single action we take to make education as equitable as possible. To learn more about the ongoing evolution of our organization, explore the resources in the table below.

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    Examples of our Evolving Work

    Coffee and Conversations

    These engaging discussions focus on the intersections between rigorous, shifts-aligned ELA and mathematics content and equitable teaching practice.

    Disrupting the Canon

    Leaning on the work of #DisruptTexts, this online course explores the four key pillars to address the question, "How can we disrupt the canon and move towards anti-racist teaching, as we keep complex text at the center of instruction?"

    Dismantling Racism in Mathematics

    Digging deeply into Stride 1 of the Math Equity Toolkit, this online course invites participants to imagine a truly inclusive and equitable classroom experience and begin to do the personal work needed to dismantle racism in mathematics instruction. 

    Equity Pause Resource Collection


    This free Organization-Wide Equity Pause Toolkit from Equity Meets Design offers a self-paced learning plan for leaders to use inside their organizations, and helped to guide the process for Student Achievement Partners. 

    Dismantling White Supremacy in Our Workplace


    On January 28, Amy Briggs and Joy Delizo-Osborne hosted a conversation focused on Student Achievement Partners’ journey through a process of learning to identify white supremacy culture in our interactions with one another, and to begin to dismantle it. This blog post, the first of several on the topic, shares more of the specifics of our process, our enduring questions and struggles, and the lessons we are still learning every day.

    Culturally Relevant Pedagogy: Foundations, Related Theories and Approaches, Precursors,  and Applications


    This is a curated bibliography on culturally relevant pedagogy (CRP), including its foundations, related theories and approaches, precursors, and applications to literacy and mathematics instruction. 

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