March 2022 Webinar: Learning from Mistakes: Easier Said Than Done

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Mistake Literacy is a conceptual framework that equips schools and students with the capacity and capability to recognize, react to, and repair their mistakes. This session will help educators and school leaders create the learning conditions wherein students can make the most of what is natural and unavoidable to the learning process – the process itself.

In this session, participants will learn:

  • What the research tells us about how to optimize learning from mistakes
  • Why learning from mistakes matters, and why it matters now
  • How to foster a classroom/school culture that embraces and learns from mistakes
  • How to apply this research to suit their unique classroom/school contexts

This webinar offers a certificate verifying professional learning time on the topic. To receive this certificate, select the “Access On-Demand” option and complete the webinar as a registered participant. If you’re accessing this page on a mobile device, the recording and resources from the webinar are available under “files.”

This learning experience will be most powerful if used as part of a comprehensive, ongoing program of content-specific professional learning. To learn more, see the Professional Learning Principles.