LGBTQ+ Affirming Resource Bundle: Creating Safe and Affirming Classrooms and Schools for LGBTQ+ Youth

Authors: Jasmine Costello, Rahel Fesseha, Astrid Fossum, Bex Mui, Adrienne Williams

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This resource bundle aims to support teachers in creating LGBTQ+ affirming classrooms by walking teachers through building their own knowledge, creating their own why, assessing their school readiness for implementing LGBTQ+ affirming instructional resources, and offering literacy and math instructional resources for teachers to try out as they get started. This bundle highlights the importance of working through individual learning and mindset before bringing new content and practices into the classroom. The resources in this bundle are mostly geared towards elementary teachers, but we hope to build upon and expand this resource collection to serve K-12 grades based on input from teachers.

START HERE! Preparing to Teach LGBTQ+ Affirming Lessons

 Literacy: Opportunities for LGBTQ+ Affirming Instruction

Mathematics: Opportunities for LGBTQ+ Affirming Instruction