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Top Posts of 2019

Read the most popular posts of the year!

Thank you to all of the authors of who have contributed their expertise, insights, and ideas to Aligned this year. Here are the top 25 most popular posts published in 2019.

  1. Using Data Binders to Increase Student Independence — John Silverthorne
  2. On Curriculum: How Pinterest and TpT Exacerbate Inequity — Jon Gustafson
  3. Kids Gift Us with Their Time — Bryan Drost
  4. Most Misunderstood Math Standards in Grade 2 — Angie Miller
  5. Using Exit Tickets Strategically — Tika Epstein, Cathy Carter-Shide, Morgan Stipe, Karen Hernandez, Dina O’Brien
  6. Yarn Number Line: A Lever to Develop Fraction Understanding—  Jennie Beltramini, Jody Guarino
  7. Are We Teaching Fractions Correctly? — Jennie Beltramini
  8. Choral Counting: A Lever to Develop Fraction Understanding — Jennie Beltramini, Jody Guarino
  9. Planning the Small Group Reading Lesson — Dr. Deborah Glaser
  10. Robust Vocabulary Instruction — Jon Gustafson
  11. Three Simple Steps to Empowered Word-Learning — Kenny McKee
  12. Most Misunderstood Math Standards in Grade 1 — Angie Miller
  13. Desmos in the Math Classroom — Nick Corley
  14. Creating Choice Boards to Meet the Needs of Every Student — Tika Epstein
  15. Developing Math Language Routines — Jack Dieckmann, Renae Skarin
  16. Providing Feedback on Student Writing — Zackory Kirk
  17. What Makes a High-Quality Diverse Text and How to Get These Texts Into Your Classroom — Jill Eisenberg
  18. Common Mistakes with Student Writing Prompts — Joey Hawkins
  19. Designing Useful Writing Prompts – Joey Hawkins
  20. On Your Side to Beat the Summer Slide — Jenci Spradlin
  21. Math Instructional Routines: Creating Opportunities for Students With Disabilities to Grapple with Grade-Level Math — Grace Kelemanik, Amy Lucenta
  22. Student Closing Statements — Celia Jimenez
  23. Press Play — Jon Gustafson
  24. I’m Passionate About Curriculum Because I’m Passionate About Pedagogy — Jana Beth Francis
  25. Quality Instructional Materials or Quality Professional Learning Opportunities for Teachers? — Renae Skarin

And don’t miss our top 5 most popular posts published pre-2019

  1. Giving Students a Choice with Their Learning — Tika Epstein
  2. Supporting All Learners with Complex Texts — Carey Swanson
  3. Using Content and Language Objectives to Help All Students in Their Learning — Shanthi Kumar
  4. Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals as an Educator — Susan Hitt
  5. Limiting “Teacher Talk,” Increasing Student Work! — Tori Filler

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