Introduction to the Criteria & Metrics of the IMET: ELA/Literacy Professional Development

Author: Student Achievement Partners

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The Instructional Materials Evaluation Tool (IMET) Modules are professional development designed for groups preparing to review K-12 English Language Arts / Literacy instructional materials. The modules are designed for groups to collaboratively build a deep understanding of the IMET alignment criteria and metrics and how they reflect the expectations of the Standards in advance of conducting a full review of materials. Through learning about the IMET structure, the Non-Negotiable and Alignment Criteria metrics, and seeing examples and non-examples, participants will gain a solid understanding of what alignment might look like in instructional materials.

There are many steps involved with conducting a materials evaluation review.  Professional development modules are available to support building knowledge of the Instructional Materials Evaluation Tool (IMET), planning a review, preparing a review team, and in-depth professional development for the review team using the IMET.

  • Introduction to the IMET:  Give a high-level overview of the IMET to various stakeholders with ELA/Literacy and math specific modules
  • Setting up the Review Process: Support leaders in designing and implementing a review process
  • Preparing a Review Team: Establish the mindset and expectations for review teams
  • Understanding the IMET: Introduction to the Criteria and Metrics of the IMET: Provide in-depth professional development on the IMET with ELA/Literacy & math specific modules

We continue to learn from educators and ongoing research about both the critical features of instructional materials and the ways in which educators enact instruction. Check back for updates to these training materials.

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