Math Language Routines: Vibrant Discussions in the Math Classroom (2019 October Webinar)

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As in other subjects, math students must be able to read, write, listen, speak, and discuss the subject at hand. Often, these multimodal ways of learning and using math skills are given too little attention in curricular materials, and teachers may want to supplement with classroom activities that provide opportunities for students to use language to discuss the math content they’re learning. Math Language Routines (MLRs) support a variety of language-focused skill growth: from reinforcing mathematical terminology to scaffolding conversations to providing opportunities for students to deepen their conceptual understanding by describing their work. These routines, done regularly, can benefit all students, though they are particularly supportive of English Language Learners or those struggling with the linguistic components of math. In this webinar, you'll dig deeply into several routines you can implement in your classroom tomorrow and hear from educators about how the routines have changed their math classes.

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