Top Posts of 2021

This year we became Peers and Pedagogy – a name change that signaled a broadening of the perspectives and topics we sought from our authors. Each week we are challenged and inspired by the words of our authors. Congratulations to everyone who contributed an article this year, and to the authors of our most visited posts!

Here are the top 10 most popular posts published in 2021:

  1. The False Construct of Readiness in Mathematics — Ashley Powell, Kristin Gray
  2. Let’s Not Make Power ELA/Literacy Standards and Talk About Why We Didn’t — Kate Crist, Torrey Palmer
  3. Solutions to Unfinished Learning in Math Must Go Beyond Academics — Chrissy Allison
  4. Making Students’ Learning Visible with Jamboard — Tika Epstein
  5. A Process to Address Unfinished Learning in Middle School Math — Chrissy Allison, Becca Varon
  6. What the Data Can’t Tell Us — Katie Keown, Astrid Fossum, Jun Li, John Young
  7. Dismantling Academic Tracking in Mathematics — Shelbi Cole
  8. Re-Humanizing Assessment through Building Internal Capacity — Jody Guarino, Jiwon Lee, Michelle Sperling, John Drake, Shelly Mymon, Christina Selstad
  9. What Happens When You Focus on What Kids Know and Can Do? — Chrissy Allison
  10. Culturally Responsive Literature in Mathematics — Jessica Lauer Tilli

And here are the top 10 posts of all time that readers loved this year:

  1. Using Content and Language Objectives to Help All Students in Their Learning — Shanthi Kumar
  2. Planning the Small Group Reading Lesson — Dr. Deborah Glaser
  3. Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals as an Educator – Susan Hitt
  4. Addressing unfinished learning in the context of grade-level work – Chrissy Allison
  5. Distance Learning with Intention and Purpose — Marya Hay
  6. Determining Reading Fluency — David Liben, David D. Paige
  7. Wit & Wisdom: Implementation Dos and Don’ts — Sarah Webb
  8. Are We Teaching Fractions Correctly? — Jennie Beltramini
  9. Strategies to Support Learners Who Are Below Grade Level — Bryan Drost
  10. Designing Shifts-Aligned Interventions in the Math Classroom — Astrid Fossum

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