Leadership Perspectives: Best Practices and a Path Forward on Addressing Unfinished Learning and Essential Content (Part 3)

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Join the Council of the Great City Schools and Student Achievement Partners for the final portion of a 3-part Webinar Series on Essential Content and Unfinished Learning.

Districts have had to make quick adjustments during these last few months of implementing the guidance on unfinished learning and essential content. Despite moving pieces and moving targets, districts had to figure out how to move this work to scale. Join us in this webinar to learn about how district leaders have approached implementation, what went well, lessons learned, and changes they are considering  for the future. Panelists will include CAO’s, curriculum content leaders, and principals.

About the Webinar Series: The past few months have revealed many challenges and learnings in addressing unfinished learning while ensuring equitable access to grade-level content. In this free  three-part series, experts and practitioners will discuss (1) how prioritized ELA/literacy and math content and addressing unfinished learning work together hand in hand, (2) successes and challenges in addressing unfinished learning while focusing on essential content, and (3) moving this work to scale. 

This webinar offers a certificate verifying professional learning time on the topic. To receive this certificate, select the “Access On-Demand” option and complete the webinar as a registered participant. If you’re accessing this page on a mobile device, the recording and resources from the webinar are available under “files.”

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