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Most-Read Articles of 2016

As the year comes to a close, we wanted to share the top 10 most-read articles this year. Take a moment to peruse the list, see if your favorites made the cut, and discover new posts! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to see an expanded list that includes the top 25 posts!

  1. Supporting All Learners with Complex Texts — By Carey Swanson
  2. Including Tier 2 Vocabulary Instruction in Curricular Materials — By Student Achievement Partners
  3. Using Flashcards in Math — By Jason Zimba
  4. Planning for Argument Writing — By Joey Hawkins
  5. How to Adapt GO Math! — By Kevin Larkin
  6. Building Reading Fluency By David Liben and David D. Paige
  7. Supplementing Your Anchor Math Curriculum with Rich Tasks By David Michal
  8. Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching — By Illustrative Mathematics
  9. Using Complex Texts with All Readers — By Katherine Linnehan
  10. Decision-Making that Matters — By Lauren Trahan
  11. What is Reading Fluency? – By David Liben and David D. Paige
  12. Training Materials for the ELA/Literacy IMET — By Student Achievement Partners
  13. Top Five Ways to Make the Most of Your Math Materials — By Student Achievement Partners
  14. Five APPs to Redefine Your Math Class — By Bryan Drost
  15. Putting the Math Practices into Practice — By Wichita Public Schools Math Department
  16. Top Five Ways to Improve Your Basal Reading Program — By Student Achievement Partners
  17. Determining Reading Fluency — By David Liben and David D. Paige
  18. Strategies to Support Learners Who Are Below Grade Level — By Bryan Drost
  19. The Shifts and ELLs — By Diane Staehr Fenner
  20. The Standards for Mathematical Practice and Instructional Materials — By Sarah Galasso
  21. Digging Deeper into SMP 4 — Model with Mathematics — By Sarah Galasso
  22. A Teacher’s Thoughts on the Core Knowledge and Language Arts Curriculum — By Adrienne Williams
  23. What Needs to Change in Instructional Materials: ELA — By Rachel Etienne
  24. CCSS-Aligned Materials for ELL Students — By Diane Staehr Fenner
  25. Assessment Item Alignment Modules – By Shelbi Cole and Katie Keown

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