Kindergarten students working on vocabulary
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Immersing in Vocabulary

How to develop vocabulary in an effective and meaningful way
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Tidying Up

Instructional Routines for Whole-Class Reading and Writing
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Top Blog Posts of 2018

Here are our top 25 most-visited posts of 2018.
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Effective Reading Instruction

Why a text-centered approach, instead of a strategies-based approach, is more effective

Reading to Learn

Strategies to build a love of learning through content-rich nonfiction
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The Essential Elements of an ELA Curriculum

Standards co-author Susan Pimentel explains how the elements of a high-quality ELA program contribute to student learning. She pinpoints where many current programs are missing the mark.
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How to Create Book Baskets

Designing book baskets to boost motivation, enthusiasm and engagement
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Determining Reading Fluency

Learn how to determine a student’s current reading fluency level and pinpoint problems impeding students from becoming fluent readers
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Building Reading Fluency

Four classroom strategies that can help build fluent readers
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What is Reading Fluency?

Literacy experts David Liben and David Paige explain the characteristics of reading fluency