ELA/Literacy Assessment Item Alignment Modules

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Overview: The Item Alignment Modules are a set of professional development modules intended to provide users with a resource for communicating a deep understanding of the Common Core State Standards related to reading, through the lens of questions used for summative assessments. They provide a deep dive into CCSS-aligned summative assessment, and are a follow up to the overview training “Literacy Shifts in CCSS Assessment.”

These modules are primarily a resource for training efforts to guide the development of assessments aligned to the shifts required by college-and-career ready standards, but can serve a variety of audiences interested in learning more about the expectations set by college- and career- ready standards and assessment.

How to Get  Started: First, review the user guide, which gives a detailed overview of the modules and provides specific examples of modifications that can be made to suit the needs of different users. Before providing any training, review the texts associated with each module. Begin any training with the High-Quality Reading Items PowerPoint, which serves as an introduction to the underlying principles of all high-quality reading questions. Then, choose the grade-specific PowerPoint(s) that suits your needs.

These materials are intended to be adapted as needed to meet the unique needs of the identified users, including incorporated into existing item author and reviewer training resources. Please note, however, that the texts associated with each module cannot be edited.

Timing:  The High-Quality Reading Items module requires between 30 and 60 minutes.  Each grade-level module requires between 90 and 120 minutes.  All times are suggested and can be expanded to incorporate more discussion as needed.

Access aligned mini-assessments for more examples of test questions.

The materials on this page are currently being revised to align with the Professional Learning Principles. For updates on these resources and other Achieve the Core resources, click here to subscribe

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